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RapidFlash Software- Cheats Page

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NOTE: Okay, well, here are some klik cheats. I will eventually upload klik, other PC and Sega cheat codes.

Destruction Carnival: At the title screen, press H 25 times to go to boss 1

Press E 25 times to go to boss 2

Press A 25 times to go to Amadeus... I've beaten him. Strafing is important :^).

To play Vector Ball, right-click repeatedly on the bottom right-hand corner. You should be able to play Vector Ball [it's like Pong].

Naimistath One

BFLAME: When you just reach the Blue Flame Base

B'NED: Temple of B'Ned

SUNSET: Stuff before fighting the Mech.

Where is the Ninja Gardener's Flower gardens?: The first one is in the first part. Keep using your sword while hugging the left handed bushes while going down. Some of the bushes will be destroyed. Now step on all of the flowers [some are hidden behind trees] until the Ninja Gardener comes.

The second one can be accessed in Drea where the Rainbow Festival is. Use the little rainbow toy next to the kid and move it on the flowerless bush on the top. It's very hard, but you can always restart by entering and exiting the inn or going into Naimistath Paint. Once the bush is destroyed, go through it, and again destroy all the Ninja Gardener's flowers.