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Astro Ghost 2

Astro Ghost 2 is the latest big project from RapidFlash Productions, and is the last true Alebrain game. You play as Astro Ghost, a hero-for-hire who has to rescue three of his kidnapped buddies. With over 20 levels of platformer gameplay, a music selection system, lots of fun and a whole lot of cheats, this is one game you don't want to miss. (still has Alebrain logo).

NOTICE: This is the normal movement version. A new custom platform movement version is coming soon.

Download about 1.07Mb

DR Punch Special Move Engine

The RapidFlash DR Punch Special Move Engine is a tutorial on how to do special moves with MMF. This *improved* version includes a custom movement engine, original graphics, and the ability to distinguish backwards and forwards and to always face the opponent. A must download for those who want to make their own MK style fighting games.

Download about 40kb

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