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Egg Bomb: Eggstreme

Part of VReal Party (hopefully), this is ChrisOch's great Air Pop Neo! minigame Egg Bomb with multiplayer support! Featuring 11 different modes of egg-cellent action available to mix up with almost any other mode for one or two players! This game also features a high-score for classic mode. There are cheats in this game.

Here are some screenshots (paste in your address bar):

For more information, visit the forums of Virtually Real here.

NOTE: This game is undergoing change to allow for a lot more modes of gameplay.

Astro Ghost 2 v1.04

This version (which I am currently working on) will feature a custom platform movement that will finally allow the player to follow with the Basketheadz. Other bonuses with this movement is an improved jump, less "sticking" bugs, no jumping through a ladder, no getting stuck in platforms and a couple changes in puzzles, and fixing a drop thru bug in some levels. These changes (because of my klik schedule) may take from a few months to several months. PROGRESS: Finished up to first boss, working on Level 2-5. ON HIATUS!

Astro Ghost: The Attack of Pompking

This is another Astro Ghost game that is being made for MasterM's Halloween competition. It will not be big, but it will feature some new graphics (not everything will be new however), some additions (like power-ups) and a better engine. Expect it to be released before or on October 30th, 2003.